zines now restocked, buttons not so much. please be patient & hold tight! <3

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i want you to have these buttons.
these 1" pinback buttons are 50¢-75¢ each.

treat your mother right
code: tymr
cops can't dance
code: ccd

body positive (b&w)
code: bposibw

feminist fist (green, pink, brown)
code: feminfist

(dumpster) dive
code: dumdi

body positive (floral)
code: bposiflo

end girl hate
code: endgh

read more zines
code: remozi

intersectional feminism or bust
code: interfem

smash the gender binary
code: smashgb

#1 diy, #2 dit, #3 diy or dit
codes: diy, dit, diydit

#1 rad , #2 rad , #3 flower
code: rada, radaep, anarflower

consent is sexy
code: cosex

be excellent (text)
code: bextext

be excellent
code: bexcellfists

ask about my preferred pronouns
code: pronouns

be nice to yourself
code: benice

stay posi
code: stayposi

these 1" pinback buttons are 75¢-1$ each.
they contain flowers i've gathered and pressed over the years.

top left; code: toplpolka
top right; code: toprgppetalw
middle left; code: midlgppetalw sold!
middle right; code: midrpurplefl sold!
bottom left; code: bottomlppetalp
bottom right; code: bottomrgpurpfl






this portion of buttons is one of a kind, kind of
old book pages ->
<- flowers i picked & pressed

top left; code: toplroots
top right; code: toprtiaras
middle left; code: midlcrystals
middle right; code: midrflowers
bottom left; code:bottomlteeth
bottom right; code: bottomlcow

these blank books cost 3$-5$.

they are quarter sized, hand bound & sewn, 16 pages front&back. only 1 of each in stock.

code left: sequinbook

code right: handbook

these magnets cost 1$-2$.
wooden, adhesive magnet back. decoupage, magazine clippings, pressed flowers. only 1 of each in stock.






codes: mflower / mmoon

this card costs 50¢-1$.

they are quarter sized, and were previously given out as valentines, but are here by popular demand.
  code: butthead

this zine costs 5-7$ sliding scale.
price is higher than i'd like it to be to cover printing costs :(






half sized/hand-bound with embroidery floss, card stock cover. an illustrated pep-talk in a zine. featuring methods for managing anxiety and implementing self care.

5 in stock | code: anxzine
read it online for free here.

wanderer issue #1 / this zine costs 1-3$.
perzine about moving from a small town to a small town that is 2,801 miles away from your small town. 12 pages, hand bound, text, photo & illustration, b&w with color cardstock cover. has an accompanying playlist.




made as ordered | code: wanderer1zine
read it online for free here. listen to the accompanying playlist here.

bookin' it diy: a responsible guide / this zine costs 2-5$.
all the things i wish someone had told me about booking shows, text & illustration. half-sized, 12 pages, hand-bound, card stock cover, hand numbered out of 50.





11 in stock | code: bookinzine
also available via letters from bummer camp press & distro
& have company might still have some copies!

what's the deal with safe spaces? / this zine costs $1.
a layman's intro to safer space stuff, why it's important, and brief analysis of resistance to the cause, silly doodles to keep it interesting. quarter-sized, 8 pages.


2 in stock | code: safezine

available via letters from bummer camp press & distro.
read it online for free here.

dull ache comic zine / this zine costs 3-5$.
somethin' to cry on, an 8 page zine of collected doodles from 2012-2013 concerning longing & unrequited crushes. quarter-sized, hand-bound, card stock cover.





2 in stock | code: dullachezine
read it online for free here.

found poetry zine compiled by erin dorney & alyssa giannini. this zine costs 3-5$.
"found poems are made from anything not primarily intended to be poetic, including other texts, a letter from the bank, a text message from a friend, a cook book, a sign in a window, etc." we left a jumble of words on the cover so you can make your own found poem!. this zine is the joint effort of the triangle & dit lancaster respectively.





3 in stock

small fears/big fears by Georgia McCandlish. this zine costs 4-5$.
i am happy to be carrying small fears/big fears, a split zine by Georgia McCandlish. in this zine, georgia gives a voice to the quiet worries most of us share. this zine resonated so much with me that i asked to distro it. black&white and beautifully illustrated, i highly recommend adding this to your library.





2 in stock
code: fearszine

appalachian monsters issue #1 by carmen davis. this zine costs 1-3$.
this zine is near and dear to my heart because my pen pal carmen compiled it! learn about appalachian issues through this zine of poetry, photos, drawings and a neat spotlight on rad appalachian women in history. be on the lookout for future issues / check out the tumblr!





2 in stock
code: appazine

this zine is 1-3$.
quarter-sized/hand bound, an illustrated guide to being respectful and contentious at diy/radical punk shows.





2 in stock | code: respectzine
read it online for free here.

this zine is 50¢-1$.
quarter-sized/hand bound, silly illustrated mini-zine. it's exactly what it sounds like.





2 in stock | code: b&bzine

this zine is free.
quarter-sized/hand bound, i created this zine after experiencing dit kalamazoo, and being inspired to try to start a conversation about space and how to utilize it, how to work together to have shows and events, how to build safer spaces.





2 in stock | code: ditlanc

this e-zine is free.
little book #2, scanned in, embarassingly personal drawings from march - july 2012.








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