// humble beginnings //

craft or diy is a thing that started at the second annual make it on your own (2011) in west chester, pa! my friends at the horror parlour organized it, and it was the most honest to goodness punk rock flea market i’ve ever been a part of. it was held in their spacious yard with musical acts and free tables. i spent a few months crafting relentlessly to prepare for it, and the leftovers from that event turned into craft or diy. tumblr liked my craft junk, so i created my own web store. i have met so many lasting friends and pen pals through this creative venture. everything in my shop is handmade by me (alyssa giannini) unless otherwise noted. my prices are always negotiable! just ask. you can read some of my zines online at my cargo page, or keep up with my life in photos at flickr.

// nowadays //

craft or diy is now based out of olympia, wa; a long way away from its birthplace in lancaster, pa. zines have become my main focus currently, mostly informational guides & perzines. all of them contain illustrations and text with a heavy focus on mental health, the diy music community, heartache & personal ramblings.

i am proud to share that i’m helping organize the olympia zine fest with some other lovely folks!

zines/publications I've contributed to:
Third Point Press #1
Letters From Bummer Camp Volume 2
Mad Dog #1
Appalachian Monsters #3
The Miscreant Issue #52
Third Point Press #3
Minimum Rock 'n Roll #3, #7, #8

zine libraries that carry my zines: 
Olympia Timberland Library in Olympia, WA
OZF's Little Zine Library at Obsidian in Olympia, WA

distros/shops that carry my zines sometimes!: 
type slowly
sweet candy distro & press
letters from bummercamp press & distro
alrededor de la luna

my zines can be purchased IRL too:
gallery boom

// contact //
you can use the form below to get ahold of me via email.
you can visit craft or diy on etsy, instagram, facebook or tumblr!

- alyssa giannini


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